Sunday 19 April 9 – 10 am


Parkfields Community Garden

Big bunch of Greater Celandine near the back gate in early bloom.Ground cover is now nettles and goose grass (pale green sticky hairy stuff) Nettles are nearly a foot high in some places. Brambles also starting to show leaves.

Young planted trees near edge are coming into leaf at edge, either hazel or beech. There is a copper beech in leaf too, and a few bluebells. One or two bees dart about very fast, too fast ti identify. There are not many flowers for them here. The Three willows are in leaf and with catkins. See a fox, very scrawny with an underdeveloped brush. It is aware of my presence. It investigates the base of the willow tree, is it investigating the rubbish or looking for a resting place. After it heads off I continue walking consciously trying to make discovery paths in the undergrowth. I discover a dead fox. Hope it decays more before it gets hot this summer. 

The willow in the bottom left hand corner looks inviting for little people to climb. If has a wide fork with a flat base. Interesting shapes and holes in its base look like potential homes for wild creatures.

Need to bring next time:

Work Gloves, builders bags, rubble sacks. Loppers.Need to decide on a plan of clearance, and what waste items are resources to be stockpiled for use. Items on site include 2 metal water tanks, one leaky and one containing water. Rubble. Sticks for use as poles, border edgings, bag full of rotted down bark, wood, child’s bike, pallet.


I’d like us to have a picnic there before too long with people interested in developing it as a Community Allotment. I am going to propose Monday 4 may starting at mid day and finishing around 2pm bring food to share.