There are thousands of actions we can take to reduce our overall CO2 impact. Since the personal individual actions all add up I will tell you what I have achieved this year:

Changing from dairy milk to soya milk and eating a lot less dairy, virtually no cheese, eggs , butter unless Freegan

Helping out with home grown food projects

Examining all fresh produce for being local and in season

Being part of a communal food group

Mentioning to my friends that still fly in airplanes that I don’t approve

Joining in this “Blog Action Day”

Working for free here at the Environment Centre

Things that I still need to acheive:

Transport – I rarely use a vehicle unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t own a car. I can persuade friends to do likewise, promote all the alternatives.

Remembering to turn off the radio rather than leaving it on standby.

Helping out more with home recycling.

Turning off the computer & going home from work.

So … goodbye !