This group is a chance to meet up with other people involved with Permaculture in the local area, get feedback on your design work, look at new ideas, watch inspiring films and explore potential for new community projects.
Currently this is an Open Group, newcomers welcome, every 2nd Monday of the month.

Next 3 Dates : 8th Dec 2008
12th Jan 2009
9th Feb 2009

LIST OF FILMS AVAILABLE FOR FUTURE VIEWING (Please leave a comment about anything you would like to see or recommend)

2012 (andrew smith)
4th World War
American Drug War – The Last White Hope
An Inconvienent Truth
Ancient_Calenders_Michael Hodges
Ancient Futures
Ayurveda – Art Of Being
BBC Human Senses
B Laws House, Torn from the Land
Climate Change
Climate Change 2
Climb for Tibet
Codex Alimentarius
Colin Campbell – Petroleum Geologist
Compost Heated Shower
Contemporty_Shamanism_Leo Rutherford
Crude Impact
Blowin in Wind
Money as Debt
Dangerous Knowledge
Darwins Nightmare
Denial Stops Here 911, Peak Oil & Beyond
Dr Albert Bartlett, the exponantional function
Earthbuilding maori tv
Earth_Energies_Dr Manjir
Eat your garden master
EndGame – Blueprint For Global Enslavement
Escape Suburbia
Europlan eu förderungen, stopping the coming ice age
Environment leading country new z
Farmer john
Fuelling our future
Galapagos – The Islands that Changed the World
Global Dimming
Global Gardener
Good Bye Lenin.avi
History Documentary – Savagery and the American Indian (Wilderness)
History Documentary – Savagery and the American Indian (Civilization)
Holzer, the secret of eden 1
Holzer, aquaculture
How to Save The World
Hungry for Profit
In Grave Danger of Failing Food
Juliette of the Herbs
Lama Tsultrim Gyamtso
Life in the Soil
Loose Change 2nd Edition
Magic Tree
Mange Tout Zimbabwe Peas
Michael Parenti – Terrorism Globalization And Conspiracy (2002)
Manufactured Landscapes – China
Manufacturing Consent
Manufactured Landscapes
Masanobu Fukuoka – One Straw Revolution
Master Charles Interview
Money As Debt
New Zealand
Nuclear Explosions
Planet Earth – complete series
Revolution 2012
Richard Heinberg Human Ecologist
Rivers and Tides
Russell Blaylock MD – Nutrition & Behavior
How to make compost
Shadow of Doubt 1080
Sleeping Giants
Somewhere in the World
Stone Age Survival – Hugh Newman
Super Size Me
The band of hope
The big picture
The cooperations 1
The cooperations 2
The End of suburbia
The Future of Food
The global gardener
The greening of cuba
The invisible dangers of emf radiation BIOPRO
The one tree project
The one tree project2
The power of community
The Power of Nightmares – Rise of the politics of fear
The-Revolution-Will-Not-Be-Televised.2003. (Venezuela)
The Yes Men
Two Compost Kings at RVF
Wal-Mart – The High Cost of Low Price
We Become Silent
We Feed The World
What a way 2 go
Wholistic World Vision – Simon Peter Fuller
Woodland Journey
Yesterday’s Future
Zapatistas – Chronik einer Rebellion
Zeitgeist – The Spirit of the Age