Upcycling University

We are starting to talk seriously about zero waste as regards festivals. But talk got onto more general waste. Chris the mechanic thinks there are several waste streams that we have not got a way of dealing with. To take one example video cases. There is a big glut of these in the current resources, charity shops are feeding them into the landfill. Yes we were seriously questioning whether incineration would be preferable to landfill. Is it better to poison the air or the land.  The answer is of course  – neither. Surely someone has got a way of re-using them. Upcycling is the only way forward in dealing with the worlds resources. Yes manufactutrers of disposable stuff have to design possibilities for a second life for their goods.




We have a nice new and possibly more up-to-date website at http://kingstoneco.org.uk/

A stitch in time

Art Club

A few of us gather every Thusday for a very informal “Art Club”. Next few Thursdays we will be concentrating on making collages using magazine photos. We will then display them at Seedy Saturday on 6 March 2010, providing a bright splash of colour to draw people’s attention.

If you have other ideas you want to work on we would also enjoy your input.

Any artists out there? Please feel free to come along Thursdays 2pm to 4 pm. Great, wonderful, thanks!

Knollmead Permaculture Reserve

For those of you interested in the community garden project there are two days planned; Sunday 31st JANUARY 2010 midday (ish) – all afternoon.

We work for a while then all gather to share food and hot drinks.

(quick reminder about “seedy saturday” March 6th in Kingston Market House bring seeds to swap, there will also be stalls)


Carrying the rubbish uncovered when we cleared the brambles to a pile by the area near the compost bins, ready for a trailer which may have arrived already if we are lucky!

Digging a trench in the new area
for the new hedge bushes which are on order.

Clip bramble, this is a really good time to cut the bramble and pull out the roots and dig it up as the soil is wet and with other plants losing their leaves bramble is more obvious!
Prune apple trees and put sticky strips around trees
Remove suckers from damson trees.

General maintenance…. Compost toilet. Woven withy wall

Decide what to do with the tyres!

Bring along secateurs (for those who want to continue the ‘battle of the bramble’) and 
forks for lifting bramble roots
gloves and any gardening equipment that you think you’ll need.

Please wear stout footwear and protective clothing. This site is uneven
underfoot and the bramble thorns vicious!Secateurs, lobbers and
leather gardening gloves are ideal.

DIRECTIONS TO THE SITE Kingston Permaculture Reserve (KPR).

At Tolworth roundabout turn into Barnsbury Lane. Right at Hazel Bank, left at Alpine Avenue and follow signs for
Knollmead Primary School. Leave vehicle on the road and walk into allotment site.
Turn right at T-junction (compost bins made of pallets)  and the site is at the end of the track through our woven
gate. Please avoid driving on site.

Hope to see you there

best wishes

Simone Kay (celebrating my 50th tee hee!)

07737 277470


A Renewable World: Energy, Ecology, Equality

The post-Copenhagen world requires a fresh look at the big picture. In the absence of international agreements, what steps can be taken nationally, regionally and locally to reduce both carbon emissions and carbon concentrations? The former can be achieved through a transformation in energy production, saving and use, and the latter

through biological carbon sequestration. This book sets out examples of these strategies, in policy and practice, from around the world. In addition, the essential question of the active participation of all sectors of society in this transformation is considered through examples of existing initiatives, and the wider issue of democratic reform

More Information


Raised Bed Workshop

click to enlargeFree workshop 11 am to 3pm

Climate Change Blog

There are thousands of actions we can take to reduce our overall CO2 impact. Since the personal individual actions all add up I will tell you what I have achieved this year:

Changing from dairy milk to soya milk and eating a lot less dairy, virtually no cheese, eggs , butter unless Freegan

Helping out with home grown food projects

Examining all fresh produce for being local and in season

Being part of a communal food group

Mentioning to my friends that still fly in airplanes that I don’t approve

Joining in this “Blog Action Day”

Working for free here at the Environment Centre

Things that I still need to acheive:

Transport – I rarely use a vehicle unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t own a car. I can persuade friends to do likewise, promote all the alternatives.

Remembering to turn off the radio rather than leaving it on standby.

Helping out more with home recycling.

Turning off the computer & going home from work.

So … goodbye !

Wish List

Use of a van or a flat bed truck, or a good sized vehicle plus trailer
Free Garden Tools
Woodworking tools
Nails & big screws
Scaffolding board or similar
2 in sq wood for building
Various sizes of timber

We will be building cold frames and a raised beds in October and November 2009 so these materials would be very handy. Looking forward to working with Community Service volunteers!



10am – 4pm EVERY MONDAY (except Bank Holidays)

Come for an hour or a day, regularly or whatever time you can spare and please help us to get this centre working happily for the community at large. All kinds of help welcome.

Decorating, Gardening, Filing, Tea-making, D.I.Y, Organising activities, Admin, Cleaning, Artwork, Clearing up, Computing, Fundraising or your own special skill.
Opportunities! Getting involved in the solution is no longer a problem

Call Jean on 020 8549 2698