Well it looks as if we will be exploring becoming Transition Town Kingston. The concept seems good to me and ties in wth the work we are doing on Ecofootprinting and the Local Government Indicator we have chosen. So here’s to our planned energy descent!

Our very first first TT meeting will be at Woodbines Avenue on
 Monday 21 April, at 8pm. Please inform anyone who you think might wish to attend and ask them to email martin.birley1*a*btinternet.com.. The meeting is not restricted to borough boundaries and might interest those in Ham or the Hamptons.

If numbers increase we may relocate to The Lamb pub, Surbiton, or

Informal discussion, sharing knowledge and experience
Viewing DVD if we have one by then (eg End of Suburbia)
Mapping the way forward
Date of next meeting

For those who want to do some research: www.transitiontowns.org/ is an excellent Wiki and there are loads of resources out there to make our journey easier.

Thanks to Martin and Majeed for kicking things off.